Create Collection NFTs

Create Collection NFTs

A Collection NFT refers to an NFT that symbolizes an array of interconnected NFTs. It can encompass a variety of NFTs within a single classification, like a set of digital art NFTs, or span across different categories, incorporating both digital art NFTs and music NFTs, for instance. This allows for the grouping of diverse or similar NFTs under a single representative NFT.

Here is a list of properties of setting a collection price for NFT:

  • Logo Collection:
  • This is a vital visual element for your NFT collection. It should be a high-quality image with a size of 350 x 350 pixels. The logo represents your collection and is often the first thing potential buyers will see when browsing through NFTs.

  • Banner Collection:
  • The banner image for your collection's page, with dimensions of 1316 x 349 pixels, is key in establishing the tone and style. It should incorporate relevant branding or thematic visuals, while ensuring the file size does not exceed 100MB.

  • Collection Name:
  • The "Collection Name" is the unique title of your NFT collection, chosen to be memorable and representative of its theme and concept.

  • Description:
  • The description provides a detailed overview of your NFT collection. You can use Markdown syntax to format text, allowing you to add headers, lists, links, and more. Use this space to tell the story behind your collection, explain its significance, and engage potential buyers.

  • External Links:
  • You can include links to external websites or resources that are relevant to your NFT collection in the metadata. These links can provide additional context, such as links to your personal website, social media profiles, or related articles.

  • Oceansky Ranking:
  • Oceansky ranks NFT collections based on various criteria, which may include factors like popularity, sales history, and engagement. Understanding how your collection ranks can help you assess its performance and visibility within the marketplace.

    These details not only help in presenting your NFT collection effectively but also enhance its discoverability and appeal to potential buyers on Oceansky's platform.